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Day 1 draft scenarios: Picks 17-32


17. New York Jets

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The Jets have spent the majority of their offseason re-tooling their defense, but the draft will be used to address their offensive woes. Of course, upgrading the quarterback position is the priority given their available options on the roster. The team also needs to find another weapon in the passing game to complement WR Jerricho Cotchery and TE Dustin Keller.

» The Jets' quarterback woes make them likely players in the Mark Sanchez sweepstakes. The team could aggressively package some picks to get into the top 10 to grab the signal caller from Southern Cal.

» If the Jets opt not to make an aggressive move to get their quarterback, they could take a flier on Josh Freeman at the pick. Though he is perceived as a "boom or bust" pick, he has the potential to blossom into a franchise quarterback.

» Another option would be to bypass the quarterback position completely and focus on adding an explosive element to the offense. This would entail adding a big-play receiver or playmaker to the line up. Percy Harvin or Darrius Heyward-Bey would be strong candidates at this point.


18. Denver Broncos

With the second of their two first-round picks, the Broncos will continue to address their defensive woes.

» If the Broncos get their pass rusher early, the team will look to fill the void at the linebacker position. Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews Jr. could all fill the bill at this point.

» If all of the linebackers are off the board, the Broncos will look to take the best available defensive player regardless of position.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik are reshaping a Bucs' roster that is in need of a makeover. The once-vaunted defense fell off its lofty perch and is in need of an infusion of young talent. The team needs a standout defensive tackle and another pass rusher to place in the lineup opposite third-year DE Gaines Adams. The Bucs also need to identify a replacement for former Pro Bowler Derrick Brooks. Offensively, the Bucs will look to pick a quarterback for the future at some point in the draft.

» The Bucs need a playmaking interior player to anchor their defense, and this year's draft offers two first-round talents, Peria Jerry and Evander "Ziggy" Hood, that would fit their scheme. Both are one-gap penetrators with the athleticism, motor and toughness that are requisites for the position in Tampa Bay.

» Robert Ayers could be the stout defensive end to play opposite Adams on their defensive line.

» If the Bucs opt for the quarterback, Josh Freeman could be their man if he slips past the Jets at No. 17.


20. Detroit Lions

The Lions have numerous options at this pick, but their strategy will be determined by what they do with the first overall selection.

» If they take Stafford with the first pick, the team could take an offensive tackle to shore up the offensive line. Eben Britton and William Beatty are likely candidates to come off the board at this point.

» If the Lions opt for the offensive tackle at No. 1, they could go for Josh Freeman as their quarterback of the future, if he slips to the 20th pick.

» If the Lions make the surprising decision to select Aaron Curry, they could further bolster their defensive line up by selecting an interior player (Peria Jerry or Evander "Ziggy" Hood) or a pass rusher (Aaron Maybin) with their second first-round pick.

» The possibilities are endless for the Lions, but they are looking to take the best available players, regardless of position.


21. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles made a blockbuster trade to address their offensive line situation, but still have a few holes on that side of the ball. The team still lacks a true No. 1 receiver, and needs to find a successor to RB Brian Westbrook in this year's draft. Though their defense could use some tweaking, the Eagles will likely focus on adding a few more explosive weapons to their offense in the early rounds.

» Andy Reid has never used a high pick on a running back, but Knowshon Moreno is so talented that it may be hard for the Eagles to pass on him at No. 21. Not only would the former Bulldog serve as a nice complement to Westbrook, he could eventually supplant him as the feature back in the near future.

» If Moreno is off the board, the Eagles will look long and hard at Chris "Beanie" Wells. He could serve as the power runner in the team's running back rotation.

» If the Eagles are unable or unwilling to pick up a running back, the team could pick up TE Brandon Pettigrew with this pick. He would give Donovan McNabb a legitimate target in the middle of the field, and ease the pressure on the receiving corps.


22. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings need to upgrade their passing attack to better complement Adrian Peterson. Although Bernard Berrian is firmly entrenched as the team's No. 1 receiver, they could use an explosive playmaker on the opposite side. In addition, the team could use a talented offensive tackle on the right side. Defensively, linebacker and secondary help could be on the way in the later rounds.

» The Vikings could pick up Hakeem Nicks at No. 22, and use him as the possession receiver in their offense.

» If the team can get past Percy Harvin's character woes, he would be a nice addition as a slot receiver/return specialist.

» If the Vikings' receiver of choice is off the board, Eben Britton could be the choice as a potential starter at right tackle.


23. New England Patriots

The Patriots are looking to retool an aging defense that needs more playmakers on the second level. Therefore, linebackers and corners would appear to be the priority on draft day. The team could also use a pass rushing specialist opposite OLB Adalius Thomas. On offense, the Patriots need another receiver and potential third-down running back.

» The Patriots could take a linebacker in the first round for the second consecutive year with the selection of hybrid pass rushing specialists Larry English or Connor Barwin.

» If the neither is available at No. 23, the team could shore up their secondary with Darius Butler or Vontae Davis.

» Don't dismiss Clay Matthews with this pick as well.

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24. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons' surprising run to the playoffs masked a defense that struggled against the run, and the team needs to address the situation by adding more beef to its defensive line. Furthermore, the Falcons are searching for another playmaker to add to their linebacker corps. Offensively, the team would like to give Matt Ryan another weapon in the passing game to alleviate the pressure on Roddy White on the outside.

» If TE Brandon Pettigrew is available at No. 24, the Falcons should snatch up the former Cowboy to give Ryan a legitimate threat in the middle of the field.

» If the team opts to shore up the defense, then Peria Jerry or Evander "Ziggy" Hood would be nice fits at defensive tackle.


25. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins head into the draft intent on upgrading their secondary and pass rush. With the team signing Gibril Wilson and retaining Yeremiah Bell, the Dolphins will focus on finding a starting cornerback to man the position opposite Will Allen. Although LB Joey Porter is coming off a spectacular 17.5 sack season, he is entering his 11th year and the team needs to start grooming his successor. In looking at the 'Fins' offense, the team desperately needs a No. 1 receiver to balance out their game plan.

» With the corner market featuring only a handful of "big" corners, the team would likely select Darius Butler or Vontae Davis at No. 25. Both would serve as instant starters, and give them a more athletic presence than they have had on the corner.

» If they go for the receiver, then Hakeem Nicks, Darrius Heyward-Bey or Kenny Britt would be ideal fits.

» If the Dolphins opt for the complementary rusher, Larry English or Connor Barwin would project as the best prospects available for their system.


26. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens bullied their way to a spot in the AFC Championship Game behind a suffocating defense that repeatedly set the offense up with short fields. However, the defense lost several valuable members during free agency, and the team must replace their production. Offensively, the team needs to surround QB Joe Flacco with more weapons in the passing game. A big-play receiver or a quality tight end would help the second-year pro in his development as a franchise quarterback.

» Darrius Heyward-Bey would be the ideal candidate if he is still available at this pick.

» If Heyward-Bey is off the board, the Ravens would love to have Brandon Pettigrew fall to them at No. 26.

» If the Ravens are unable to address their offensive needs, the team could pick up a quality corner to upgrade its secondary. Darius Butler or Vontae Davis would be ideal, but the team may view Alphonso Smith as the perfect nickel corner candidate.


27. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts enter next season extremely thin on defense, and their draft will be used to address numerous holes along the front seven. Defensive tackle and Linebacker are top priorities on Day 1. Offensively, the team needs to find another receiver to add to the mix, with Marvin Harrison no longer on the roster. The Colts could also use another runner to complement the oft-injured Joseph Addai in the backfield.

» The Colts would love for Evander "Ziggy" Hood to fall to them at the bottom of the first round. He would man the "3-technique" position in their defense, and provide the unit with an energetic interior player.

» If all of the defensive tackles are off the board, the team could grab James Laurinaitis as a potential first-year starter at linebacker.

» Brian Robiskie appears to have the skills and football IQ that would fit in well with the Colts' offensive system, and could be a surprising first-round pick by the team.


28. Buffalo Bills

If the draft breaks according to plan, the Bills could use the 28th pick to find their pass rusher, and several intriguing options could be available at the pick.

» Connor Barwin and Larry English fit in nicely as edge rushers in their 4-3 scheme.

» If neither pass rusher is available, the team could make a play for TE Brandon Pettigrew at this point.

» If those options don't work, expect the Bills to go for the highest rated defensive player on their board.


29. New York Giants

The Giants are well stocked on defense at all positions, so their emphasis on draft day will likely shift to upgrading their offensive skills positions. Receiver is likely the priority, but the team could surprise many by taking a running back early on Day 1.

» The G-Men would love for Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt to miraculously fall to them at the bottom of the first round. Both have the size and skills to serve as suitable replacement for Plaxico Burress.

» Chris "Beanie" Wells would give the team an additional power back, but Donald Brown would provide some juice as a "change of pace" back. Though No. 29 may be a little high for him, the Giants may need to pull the trigger at this point to get him.

» If the Giants execute a trade for a veteran receiver, the team will look to scoop up a quality runner in the second round.


30. Tennessee Titans

The Titans have been routinely criticized for not upgrading their receiving corps, but they likely won't address it in 2009 with an early pick unless a highly-rated receiver falls into their laps at the bottom of the first round. Defensively, the Titans need help at multiple positions along the defensive line, and could use another cornerback with good coverage skills.

» The Titans would love for Robert Ayers to fall to the bottom of the first round. He could initially serve as a back up to Javon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch before taking over full-time in 2010.

» If the Titans aren't impressed with the defensive linemen available at this point, they could address their corner situation by picking up Alphonso Smith. The aggressive ball hawk has the cover skills and temperament to suit the Titans' brass.


31. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals desperately need a runner to balance out their explosive offense. If Anquan Boldin is moved via trade, the team could be in the hunt for another receiver early on Day 1. On defense, the Cardinals need another corner to pair with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The unit also needs to find a hard-working defensive end to replace Antonio Smith.

» Chris "Beanie" Wells and Donald Brown are viable options at the bottom of the first round.

» If a highly-rated corner falls to the bottom of the first round, the Cardinals will jump on the chance to add him to the lineup. Likely candidates include Darius Butler or Alphonso Smith.


32. Pittsburgh Steelers

The defending world champions need to resolve their offensive line situation with one of their early draft picks. In addition, they could take a flier on a highly-rated receiver that unexpectedly falls to the bottom of the first round. Defensively, the Steelers need to add depth to their defensive line and secondary.

» The Steelers should be able to nab an athletic offensive tackle with potential at the bottom of the first round. William Beatty is the most likely candidate to be around at this pick.

» Without a glaring hole on defense, the team has the luxury of taking the best available defender, regardless of position.

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