David Baker outlines CBA benefits in letter to HOFers

The potential new collective bargaining agreement could influence not just current and future players but the lives of many who helped build the NFL into what it is today.

Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker sent a letter to all living Hall of Famers highlighting improved benefits for retired players included in the proposed CBA, per NFL Network's Judy Battista.

Baker's letter outlines improvements to retirement security, a healthcare network, additional benefits, and several other factors that would go into effect if the CBA passes.

Retired players do not have a vote in the CBA but could be greatly impacted by the decision of current players, who have their own personal issues to sort out in deciding whether to vote yay or nay on the proposal.

The deadline for dues-paying NFLPA members to vote on the proposed CBA is Thursday at 11:59 p.m ET.

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