Darrelle Revis' usage has Buccaneers fans in an uproar

Two games into his Tampa Bay Buccaneers career, cornerback Darrelle Revis was already frustrated by the lack of man-to-man coverage in Greg Schiano's defense.

The coaching staff's use of Revis in zone schemes has been such a hot-button issue in the Tampa area that Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan invited dissatisfied fans to come to the Buccaneers facility and show him how to properly use the shutdown cornerback.

NFL Media's Jeff Darlington revealed Wednesday on NFL Network's "Around the League Live" that fans took Sheridan up on his offer, only to be turned away at the door Monday morning.

Darlington inferred from sources inside the building that the coaching staff doesn't believe Revis' surgically repaired knee is healthy enough to be on "Revis Island" just yet.

As a result, Revis has been wasted against lesser receivers in his zone while the opposing team's top threats torch the rest of the secondary.

If Revis isn't healthy enough to shadow receivers, it's news to NFL Media's Kurt Warner, who opined Wednesday that the artist formerly known as a shutdown corner looks "as good as ever" in press-man coverage.

"He looks like he's back to form," Warner added. "What's made Darrelle Revis great over the years is that he has the ability to get up into your face, to press you, to use muscle, to take away any separation, and then the instincts to break down and read the routes of receivers. ... I just can't figure out why they don't do that more with him."

No coaching staff will be under more scrutiny going forward than Schiano's, especially if they continue to play against Revis' strengths.

Even with high-priced acquisitions Revis and Dashon Goldson anchoring the defensive backfield, the Buccaneers have allowed career highs in passer rating to Nick Foles and Matt Ryan the past two weeks.

We will find out if that trend continues in Thursday's game against Cam Newton, the only quarterback in the NFL with a passer rating over 136.0 in consecutive games this season.

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