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Darrell Bevell: I must get Marshawn Lynch the ball

Darrell Bevell has heard you, Seattle Seahawks fans.

The offensive coordinator heard the rampant consternation and deep-throated queries wondering how Marshawn Lynch got just 10 carries in Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys, including just two in 17 first-half snaps.

Bevell knows he needs to get his beastly runner the ball. He also knows that being second-guessed for his calls and attempts to diversify the Seahawks' offense comes with the territory.

"Yeah, that's part of it, you know. I mean, there's going to be cries for everything, all the time," he said Wednesday, per The News Tribune.

One thing Bevell doesn't care about is your fantasy team.

"The fantasy owners ... I'm not a fantasy owner," he said. "I don't care about anyone's (fantasy) points. But I do care about us winning the game. And Marshawn is a huge key for us winning the game. And we do -- and I -- have to do a better job of giving him the ball."

Part of the trouble in the two losses has been that the other teams have found a workaround to thwart the Seahawks' dominance: Play keepaway.

"You go to the three games we win, we are up in the 60-play range," Bevell said. "The two games we lose, we are in the 40-play range. It's just not enough. All our guys are very talented. We want to have all of them involved.

"It's a tough orchestration of the whole thing. (I'm) really not trying to keep everybody happy. When we're happy is because we've won. That's the bottom line when everybody's going to be happy and understand."

Winning comes when the best players on the team make plays. Whether the Seahawks have 60 or 40 plays, Lynch needs to touch it more than a couple handful of times.

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