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Dan Skuta won't be charged in alleged battery incident

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skutawill not face charges stemming from his arrest last month on suspicion of first-degree misdemeanor battery, according to court documents released by the Orange County (Florida) District Attorney's Office.

In the decision to not press charges, Assistant State Attorney Natalie Lord wrote: "From the investigation which has been made, it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution."

Skuta was arrested June 19 after he allegedly pushed a woman in the face and caused her head to hit a glass window in an Orlando bar, police told the Associated Press. At the time of his arrest, Orlando police said Skuta had alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes.

Shortly after Skuta's arrest, his attorney, Mark NeJame, told the Associated Press he was "confident this will be resolved favorably to Dan, and the truth will come out as to his innocence and non-involvement."

Skuta, 30, arrived in Jacksonville as a free agent last spring after two seasons in San Francisco and four in Cincinnati. Skuta is set to battle second-round pick Myles Jack for a spot at outside linebacker this season after logging 31 tackles over 13 games in 2015.

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