Dan Marino advising Ryan Tannehill in team meetings

Dan Marino was brought in as an advisor to the Miami Dolphins in August, although it hasn't been clear exactly what his role is with the organization. On Wednesday, we learned he was helping with a little film study.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill said Marino has been giving him pointers.

"Dan has been great. He has been around a lot as of recent. I have watched tape with him. He has been in a few meeting rooms. He is a great resource to have around with his knowledge of the game, you know obviously and the success that he had," Tannehill said. "He is always just pointing out little things on tape, whether it is receiver routes or something I am doing. He is good at picking up little things and passing them along."

As we talked about on NFL NOW Wednesday, not everyone is happy with Tannehill's progress. His deep ball accuracy is consistently poor, and Mike Wallace, for one, wants the team to throw deep more. Tannehill's decision making has also been up and down.

Marino's input can only help Tannehill, but what's going on in other meeting rooms is even more helpful. The Dolphins' terrific defensive line and vastly improved running game have been the biggest assets for Tannehill this year, even if Miami still isn't getting enough respect by some of my co-workers.

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