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Dan Herron latest Colt to outplay Trent Richardson

Dan Herron became the most recent running back to make Trent Richardson look astoundingly awful.

The man called "Boom" blasted his way for 88 yards on just eight carries, including a 49-yard scamper for his first career touchdown.

"He's a talented, talented guy, and I think we've seen that out of him," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said of Herron, per The Indianapolis Star. "He's quick, he's fast to hit the hole and once he gets outside, he's got some long speed; I think we all found that out."

We should highlight that "fast to hit the hole" point from Pagano, because it's exactly where Richardson continues to struggle. On Sunday, the former first-round pick had just as many carries as Herron. However, he went for a measly 12 yards, which is a pathetic 1.5 average. Richardson's "long" run went three yards.

Herron follows the lead of Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw in magnifying how terrible Richardson has been since his rookie season.

Still, the Colts players continue to say the right things.

"We have two guys who can gain yards," offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo told the The Star's Gregg Doyle. "Most of the time I don't even know which running back is in the game."

Even if that is true, the rest of the world certainly knows which running back is in the game, and their performances highlight the difference.

It's high time the Colts realize that two yards and a face plant from Richardson won't get it done in the playoffs. If Herron cuts out the fumbles, he should get the bulk of the carries moving forward.

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