Dan Connolly thinks Tom Brady can play to 45

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- Tom Brady's father believes his son's celebrated run with the New England Patriots"will end badly."

That's because the star quarterback "wants to play till he's 70," according to Tom Brady Sr., or at least well into his 40s, according to Brady himself.

We asked Patriots guard Dan Connolly on Monday if he believes his signal-caller can operate on the field into his fifth decade.

"If he keeps working the way he does, I don't see why not," Connolly told Around The NFL. "He's a hard worker and a great competitor."

Brady's father just doesn't seem to think that will happen in New England under Bill Belichick. Brady is an obsessive preparation freak who keeps his body in prime condition, but he plays for a team that stays atop of the AFC by making unemotional roster decisions.

Belichick famously cut Bernie Kosar in Cleveland for "diminishing skills" and had no problem trading Drew Bledsoe to a division rival after unearthing Brady. It wouldn't be shocking to see Brady play into his 40s if his body holds up, but that swansong might very well take place outside of Foxborough.

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