Dan Campbell to keep Dolphins DC Coyle 'right now'

The fate of Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, and in reality, every Dolphins assistant not named Dan Campbell, will be a fluid situation.

NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Campbell, the Dolphins' interim head coach, has been granted power to make staff decisions for the remainder of the season. Coyle was heavily rumored to be on the chopping block Monday alongside Joe Philbin, but was not let go.

When asked Monday, Campbell said he did not have time to look everything over yet, but Breer reported on Tuesday that Campbell "isn't making staff changes right now." This after Breer reported that Campbell had a "lengthy meeting" with Coyle on Tuesday morning.

"To be honest with you, like I said, I just found out like two or three hours ago about being interim head coach," he said. "I need time to soak all this in, I need time to really evaluate defensively what we're doing, what we're not doing, my head has been in offense and those things will come later. I don't have time right now, I'll get to that though."

If Monday's press conference was any indicator, Campbell and Coyle will continue to at least have talks about significant changes. Campbell said he wanted a more aggressive front and he wanted his players to practice harder.

Coyle's scheme was the subject of a closed-door player meeting recently where Ndamukong Suh and other prominent Dolphins players sounded off on the two-gap technique that prevents them from making plays.

While Coyle is safe for now, getting rid of him would obviously force the team to learn a new scheme or make heavy adjustments on the fly. But it would fit in with the culture change the Dolphins are allegedly looking for. Coyle's struggles with Suh and the defensive front in general served as a shining example of why changes needed to be made in the first place.

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