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Dak Prescott Delivers Groceries to a Lucky... Packers Fan

What do you think your favorite NFL player does the day after a game? Rests? Takes an ice bath? Well, yesterday Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott used his free time to deliver groceries to a lucky customer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Less than 24 hours after leading the Cowboys to a 20-17 victory over the Raiders, Prescott partnered up with Albertsons to stock the fridge of one lucky shopper.

"I know what it's like coming from humbling beginnings and I never want to forget that," Prescott told CBS 11.

However, when making the delivery, the Pro Bowler was surprised to see that the customer who answered the door was a Packers fan, donning a Green Bay shirt and all.

"Oh what?! What are we doing?!" said Prescott when he opened the door. His tone was reminiscent of one of the best memes of 2017.

Though he was a little shocked, Prescott refrained from making a U-turn with the groceries in hand. Instead, he took a few photos and gave a signed jersey to the Packers fan.

"[It's important] to use my platform and opportunity to give back and put a smile on someone's face -- even if they're a Packers fan," said Prescott.

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