Cut by Saints, Brown says he'd love to return to Chicago

Defensive end Alex Brown told a radio show Wednesday that he's heard from three teams since being released by the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday, including the Saints and the team that drafted him and employed him for his first eight NFL seasons, the Chicago Bears.

"I talked with my agent, and three teams have made contact," Brown said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "We're just trying to figure out what's best for my family and what's a really good situation for me to go in.

"I would love to go play in a 4-3 (defensive scheme), so there are a lot of teams out there that still run a 4-3 that could use a defensive end that still has a little bit left. So hopefully I can find a good place that my family and I can feel comfortable with."

The other team Brown mentioned was the Carolina Panthers, whose coach Ron Rivera knows Brown from his time as Chicago's defensive coordinator.

"We're talking (with the Bears)," Brown said.

"Being I spent so much time there, and I know the system, and I know the coaches, Coach (Lovie) Smith is obviously a great guy I know I can talk to and trust, so that would be great. Carolina would be great, too, with Coach (Ron) Rivera out there. That would be awesome. The door here isn't closed with the New Orleans Saints. We have a few options, and we'll wait and see what is best."

Brown praised the Saints, but added it might be hard going back to a team that released him. The Bears also released Brown in 2010, but he still has a good relationship with Smith.

Asked about Brown on Tuesday, the Bears coach was complimentary, but didn't sound too eager to sign his former player.

"Did Alex leave on a good note here? Yes," Smith said Tuesday. "Alex Brown is a lifetime friend. I pull for him, was planning on pulling for him 15 games this season (the Bears face New Orleans in Week 2).

"We've seen Alex. Alex has been here before. We like our guys we have right now. There's great competition with the guys we have on our roster right now."

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