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Current and future franchise leaders for all 32 NFL teams

Bucky Brooks identifies the face of each NFL franchise, as well as the next player in line to take up the mantle. Click on each division for the complete breakdown.


» Chicago Bears: Will their next franchise leader be a defender, too?

» Detroit Lions:  Megatron's the man now, but his QB might be next.

» Green Bay Packers:  Eddie Lacy eventually could carry Pack.

» Minnesota Vikings: Their future rests with their newest passer.


» Baltimore Ravens:  Joe Flacco makes franchise money, but ...

» Cincinnati Bengals: Look to the transcendent presence out wide.

» Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel's all the rage, but not the face.

» Pittsburgh Steelers: Blitzburgh follows a man who avoids the blitz.


» Atlanta Falcons:Matt Ryan is entrenched in the ATL. 

» Carolina Panthers: Young leaders solidify both sides of the ball.

» New Orleans Saints:Drew Brees will pass the torch to his TE.

» Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Defenders remain the focus in Tampa.


» Houston Texans:  J.J. Watt is the ideal mentor for the next face.

» Indianapolis Colts:  Andrew Luck is the Colts' undisputed leader.

» Jacksonville Jaguars: This is Blake Bortles' team ... just not yet.

» Tennessee Titans:  Bishop Sankey has the game to replace CJ2K.


» Dallas Cowboys: Like it or not -- Tony Romo's the guy in Big D.

» New York Giants:The Giants lack a young franchise leader.  

» Philadelphia Eagles:Nick Foles could become the face in Philly.   

» Washington Redskins: It's RGIII, without question. 


» Buffalo Bills:  EJ Manuel could help end Bills' playoff drought.

» Miami Dolphins:  Ryan Tannehill still has to grow into the role.

» New England Patriots:  Tom Brady = New England Patriots.

» New York Jets: Defenders lead the way on Rex Ryan's teams.


» Arizona Cardinals:Patrick Peterson is the future in the desert.

» St. Louis Rams: A pair of pass rushers represent St. Louis.

» San Francisco 49ers: Kap provides the sizzle to the offense. 

» Seattle Seahawks:  Richard Sherman's the face and voice.


» Denver Broncos: Until he retires, Peyton Manning is the man.

» Kansas City Chiefs:Eric Berry makes the Chiefs' defense tick.

» Oakland Raiders:Derek Carr could become the guy at camp.

» San Diego Chargers: Who might take over after Philip Rivers?

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