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Cuomo will deal with new Bills stadium when he has to

As the stadium arms race takes on new gusto, could the Buffalo Bills be the next in line to upgrade?

The team unveiled $130 million worth of renovations back in 2014, though the bones of the stadium were constructed in the 1970s, leaving many to believe it is still outdated. In a recent interview with The Buffalo News, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was not ready to "buy in" just yet.

"I'm not going there yet," Cuomo said. "We'll deal with the new stadium issue when we have to."

One of the reasons he's not worried? The Pegula family's purchase of the team. The family is extremely loyal to Buffalo and Cuomo does not see the team leaving any time soon. Their lease expires in seven years.

"That was the fear, moving the Bills," Cuomo said. "That's what the owners collectively wanted, the Bills in Toronto or Los Angeles, because of the larger revenue share. That's what we were up against. Pegula's attraction to the region squashed those concerns."

While many fans are quick to push for stadium upgrades, there is something lovable about the Ralph that is hard to describe. Bills fans rally around the elements better than any fan base in the NFL, and their stadium is a badge of sorts.

That being said, there are few fan bases in the NFL that deserve a new stadium more than the people of Buffalo. Maybe Cuomo will be interested in buying in closer to the end of the lease.

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