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Cromartie grills Milliner about being on roster bubble

Athletes grabbing the microphone and interviewing their teammates is a time-honored way for everyone in the room to laugh uncomfortably and stand around until there is something else to do.

On Tuesday, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie made it a little more interesting.

Cromartie was interviewing former first-round pick Dee Milliner and started with an innocuous softball about Milliner's health.

But then he went straight for the jugular, not unlike Around The NFL favorite Bob Costas.

"Do you feel confident going into the season? There's a lot of talk saying you're on the roster bubble, (that) you're here to make the team," Cromartie said. "Do you feel and have the confidence that you and in your ability that you can do the things you're supposed to do?"

According to at least one account, Milliner stopped smiling after that one, but ended up being a good sport about it.

"Oh most definitely," he said. "When I come out there I do what I'm supposed to do. Do my work, get better each day. Compete like I'm supposed to, like nothing ever happened. Just be out there."

This moment, in addition to his Richard Sherman comments, serves as an unofficial announcement that Cromartie has returned to a large media market.

In addition to some solid play at corner, teams also get a delightfully loose cannon with Cromartie. We can only hope that somehow Rex Ryan returns to encourage the veteran from Florida State to speak his mind more often.

As for Milliner, kudos to him for playing along. This hasn't been an easy run in the NFL for the former Alabama star. His play -- and injury situation -- was uneven enough to force the Jets to spend wildly in the cornerback market. At the moment, he's probably sitting fourth on the depth chart.

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