Creed's Scott Stapp: I'm fired, pumped up for Panthers

CreedBombing has legs.

We shared with you last week the art of the CreedBomb, a new tradition within the Carolina Panthers universe in which a player -- typically linebacker Ben Jacobs or tight end Greg Olsen but now including Josh Norman and others -- will take a lyric from a popular single from the band Creed and bellow it into the face of a teammate, direct eye contact during the exercise forever a necessity.

It was perhaps inevitable that CreedBombing would get back to Mr. Creed himself, Scott Stapp. The band's lead singer -- now a solo act -- was reached during a tour stop in Buffalo and, not surprisingly, he embraces his old band's pop culture reprieve.

"I've been cheering for these guys so hard," Stapp told The Charlotte Observer on Tuesday. "I had to move my tour bus like five different places so I could get reception and watch (the NFC Championship Game) the other night. I'm so fired up and pumped up for these guys. They are my team right now."

In case our description didn't do the phenomenon justice, here's footage from the Observer of Jacobs Creedbombing a Panther teammate on Wednesday. Notice the steady gaze and the deep Stappian grumble.

Jacobs, primarily a special teamer, is fast closing in on his own riser at Media Night next week in San Francisco. Stapp, meanwhile, wants to capitalize on the moment. The singer hopes to meet with the team and even shoot a video. This possibility would wipe the "Super Bowl Shuffle" off the map for good.

"I just started dying laughing," Stapp said when he first learned about Creedbombing. "And then the next thing you know, my band is doing it to me out on tour. And I saw the humor in it and saw how funny it was. I think it's awesome."

Yep, folks that is some MetaCreedBombing. And it is awesome.

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