Cowboys' Tyron Smith can bench press how much?!

It's hard to believe that just four years ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones selected tackle Tyron Smith in the first round. He was the first offensive linemen Jones had taken in the first round since acquiring the Cowboys in 1989.

Now, he has what some (well, La'el Collins) are projecting to be the best unit in NFL history with four first-round picks spread across the front five.

But none of this would be possible without Smith, who has been the consummate Cowboy from Day 1. And thanks to a handy "10 things to know about Tyron Smith" list posted in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, we might know why.

According to center Travis Frederick, Smith can bench anywhere from 600 to 700 pounds.

"He does crazy things in the weight room that I wish that I could do and I never will be able to do unfortunately," Frederick said, via the Morning News. "It wouldn't be unusual to see a small car."

For reference, here is a video of a man failing to bench 725 pounds. In that article, we are reminded that the average Harley Davidson motorcycle weighs about 600 pounds.

Until we see video evidence of Smith pushing an insane amount of plates, Cowboys legend Larry Allen will hold the distinction as the baddest Cowboy of them all, pound-for-pound. (Have you seen Larry run?!?)

If nothing else, we should all have a new appreciation for Dallas' current anchor on the left side while never forgetting their glorious past.

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