Cowboys Stadium manager to quit, says seats flap not reason

Cowboys Stadium manager Jack Hill will leave his position June 1, the *Fort Worth Star-Telegram* reported Thursday, but he said the seating problems that displaced about 1,250 fans at Super Bowl XLV in February didn't factor in his decision to resign.

"I had two very good seasons with Cowboys Stadium," said Hill, who joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2005 to oversee development and construction of the $1.2 billion facility in Arlington, Texas. "But it's time to pursue the next challenge."

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told the newspaper that Hill's resignation didn't surprise him, although the seating fiasco didn't play a role in the decision.

"At some point, he probably missed building," Jones said. "Our family has such a tremendous amount of respect for Jack and always will."

The Star-Telegram reported that documents from the city of Arlington showed Hill asked for the permits for the temporary seating in the stadium and assured city officials that the job would be completed on time. More than 1,200 seats weren't used because of minor code violations, and at least 400 ticketed fans weren't able to see the game and have sued the NFL and the Cowboys.

Hill also served as construction manager for Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and American Airlines Center in Dallas.

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