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Cowboys' Jones has no plans to change coaches midseason

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he doesn't plan to change head coaches following his team's 35-17 home loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Jones said he is "extremely disappointed" in the Cowboys' performance under Wade Phillips this season, but he also stressed that he didn't believe much could be gained from changing head coaches midseason.

The Cowboys are 1-6 following their fourth consecutive loss.

"I am not in any way for making changes," Jones said, later adding, "There is not enough time for changes."

Jones said he has considered what, if anything, could be gained by looking at a "Plan B" in terms of a head coach, studying other teams that have made in-season changes. But he concluded that making such a change wouldn't benefit the organization.

Jones said he must parse out his emotions and not make any "emotional" or "knee-jerk" decisions.

In terms of a hypothetical coaching change, Jones said, "What has got to be taken into consideration is how effective those changes could be," and he continued alluding to the lack of practice time available with which to implement a new system or changes at the top.

"When I look at the fact we're in the middle of the season, when I look at the fact we've got a year where we've got ambiguity, as far as our season (with the collective bargaining agreement), all of those things will be on my mind," Jones said.

Jones said he has never been more "surprised" or "disappointed" in his team, but he sees bright spots for the future.

Jones also shouldered some of the burden, saying the blame ultimately falls to him. He pointed to his hands-on approach to running the franchise.

"The unique way we're structured ... that (the blame) needs to go right here," he said, pointing to himself.

Jones also said he doesn't believe Phillips has lost the team.

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