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Cowboys in no rush to trade or release Tony Romo

Less than 24 hours before the NFL's window opens for negotiations with prospective free agents, the biggest name on the trade market remains in limbo.

Appearing on Monday's edition of NFL Total Access, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport emphasized that the Dallas Cowboys are in no rush to unload Tony Romo.

Owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that he's perfectly willing to "read some tea leaves" before finalizing a Romo game plan.

If, for example, the Broncos and Texans have competing interest in Romo's services, would one of those teams be willing to surrender a draft pick once the quarterback dominoes start to fall later this week?

As Rapoport pointed out, there's no bonus in Romo's contract to establish an artificial deadline. The Cowboys' salary cap is a non-factor at this point.

Jones stressed Monday, via The Dallas Morning News, that he and Romo each have a "high tolerance for ambiguity," which means both player and team are comfortable with the notion that the situation might play out "for really quite a while here."

The bottom line: There's no timetable to trade or release Romo. Don't be surprised if he's still in Dallas by the time the smoke clears at the end of the week.

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