Cowboys DC Mike Nolan on future in Dallas: 'I don't even think about it'

Mike Nolan's fate as the Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator feels sealed with three weeks to go before the end of the 2020 season.

The Cowboys' struggles on that side of the ball are likely to lead to a change at DC next season. At the moment, Nolan isn't fretting about the future.

"You know, I don't even think about it," Nolan said this week, via the Dallas Morning News. "I just take it a day at a time anyway. It's really not --I prefer not to even answer the question just because it's not what's on my mind. We just take it a day at a time, try to win this week's game against San Francisco, and whatever happens after the season happens. When that time comes, we'll deal with it if there is a change."

With Mike McCarthy's job safe despite a thoroughly disappointing Year 1, the Cowboys' plethora of problems are likely to be laid at Nolan's feet.

The team's brass has expressed recently that the Cowboys defense was too complex, especially for the challenges of installing such a plan due to COVID-19 restrictions this year. Nolan's inability to adjust had been laid bare with repeated poor performances.

Nolan's defense ranks last in the NFL in points allowed, last in rushing yards, tied for 29th in third-down percentage surrendered, 23rd in total yards allowed, 27th in big plays allowed, and 25th in yards per play.

Even a solid ending of the season against San Francisco, Philadelphia, and the New York Giants probably can't save Nolan from being replaced next season.

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