Cowboys comfortable with running back committee

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden flashed Saturday night, leading Jerry Jones to label it "vintage McFadden."

Lest anyone think the veteran back's performance would land him the bulk of the carries entering the 2015 season, that's not the case. Joseph Randle will undoubtedly be in the time-share, as will Lance Dunbar.

"I thought they both did a good job," quarterback Tony Romo said of McFadden and Randle, via "I thought the looks were a little tougher for Joe early on with the way they played it, then we got to some runs we could attack them with and it opened up some holes. Darren obviously did good on those and made some explosive runs.

"But sometimes the dirty ones are some of the best ones, too."

None of the trio of backs has grabbed firm hold of the reins, with McFadden's flash this weekend the best this preseason. Despite the middling performances from his committee, Jones is comfortable entering the season without a defined bell-cow.

"I see how we can line up certainly this coming week but I see how we can line up against the Giants, yes, I do," Jones said. "You say, 'Well, couldn't you see it before?' Now, I saw the same things before. I expect (Randle) to give us and has the talent to make some of the plays we saw him make tonight. I certainly know (McFadden) can make them and (Lance) Dunbar can do the same. If they're healthy, I'll take their skill and what they can bring and go to the game against the Giants and won't ask for any more."

The question remains: if the committee rushing attack struggles out of the gate, how much more pressure will that put on Tony Romo and his back?

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