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Cowboys believe Dez Bryant is on the right course

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some in the Dallas Cowboys' organization have spent this offseason on eggshells thinking about what more could happen with star-crossed dynamo Dez Bryant. But owner Jerry Jones says he's not among them.

"I really wouldn't want to address any particular player. But I will, since I was asked the question -- no, I'm not concerned," Jones told me. "I think that Dez does have accountability right now, not only within himself, but also to his teammates. And at the end of the day, those two constituencies, Dez himself as well as his teammates, are the ones that are going to make the biggest difference in his life.

"So he's in the right area for the right type of influence, and I think that will have a positive impact."

The team had a belief when drafting Bryant that he would put enough stock in his dream -- of becoming a Cowboy -- coming true that it would prevent him from veering off course. He's already had missteps.

But Jones now believes that the buy-in from the team this offseason (the Cowboys have had some of the highest participation numbers in the NFL for their player-run workouts) will create a good kind of peer pressure on Bryant, and that will add to his will to make it.

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