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Could Vikings' loss be catalyst for a trade today?

Bears linebacker Pernell McPhee's true return to the lineup Monday -- he played just 20 snaps last week against the Packers -- was excellent news for Chicago and perhaps the last thing a scatter shot Minnesota Vikings offensive line wanted to see.

In a dreadful Halloween performance, the Vikings front five found themselves constantly sprinting into the backfield to stop a barrage of Bears pressure led by the rush linebacker, which eventually led to nine quarterback hits and five sacks. Sam Bradford has been sacked 11 times in two weeks.

"Regardless of what's going on up front, I've got to find a way to move the ball downfield," Bradford, trying to be nice, told the Star-Tribune on Monday night.

Added T.J. Clemmings, who was bounced back to right tackle while Jake Long settled in on the left side: "I'm tired of hearing about the sides thing, it doesn't really matter. We're just not us right now. We know what we can do, and we're not doing it. It's exactly what you guys are seeing out there. It's clear as day."

Clemmings is right. There were entire quarters during which Bradford could not navigate the chaos happening in his own backfield. Bears head coach John Fox found a couple of basic mismatches -- one of them being McPhee off the edge on Clemmings -- and ran similar stunts and blitzes over and over again. The result was the second-lowest passing output and second-lowest rushing output of the season.

While it was placed as sort of a throwaway line in the Star-Tribune's offensive line item, the frightful performance did come a day before the trade deadline, which ends today at 4 p.m. ET. The Vikings are already all in having dealt their first-round pick for Sam Bradford. Might they also make a run at Browns left tackle Joe Thomas or 49ers tackle Joe Staley?

The Browns have said repeatedly that they will not trade Thomas, opting to keep him as a protector for whatever sub-25-year-old quarterback they opt to start on opening day next season. Niners head coach Chip Kelly also said that Staley is a valuable part of the future.

But the Eagles said that about Bradford before one of the most memorable trades of the past 10 years. And the Vikings need an offensive tackle just as bad.

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