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Could Tony Sparano be a head coach once again?

The Oakland Raiders have managed to transform themselves into the NFL's most lovable losers overnight.

After breaking the league's longest winless streak with a 24-20 triumph over the Chiefs, it was easy to see how genuine their reaction was, especially in such an idyllic setting in prime time on Thursday.

During Tony Sparano's postgame speech, it got even better.

Watching the coach trying keep it together makes for one of the best locker room videos we've seen all year, especially when Sparano leans back and screams "Best job we've ever had!"

It makes us wonder if this is the kind of scenario that could spark Sparano's return to a head coaching role at some point. Despite inheriting an 0-4 team, it was easy to see the respect he's cultivated with a very veteran-heavy presence in the locker room.

While it seems more than likely that Oakland will go in another direction this offseason, Sparano has a great opportunity to climb the ladder with a motivated team down the stretch and build his resume.

At least we hope so, because that means more postgame speeches like that one.

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