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Could LeBeau's input pivot Titans away from a QB?

The Titans are making an obvious, but absolutely crucial decision during the pre-draft process.

New 77-year-old coordinator Dick LeBeau will have input into the team's decision-making, according to the team's general manager, Ruston Webster.

"He'll definitely have a voice," Webster said, via the Tennessean. "I feel like all of our coaches do, and we'll try and build a consensus and listen to everybody."

He added: "Dick has such knowledge of this defense and what works. He knows the types of players he's looking for and the kind of guys he's had success with in the past."

While we're not about to underestimate an owner's ability to put his foot down and demand that the Titans take a certain quarterback -- because that's never happened before, right? -- could LeBeau's voice of reason prompt Tennessee to draft one of the top defensive players in the draft and back out of an increasingly uncertain search for a quarterback?

LeBeau is obviously not offensive minded but he spent a long time in an organization that waited patiently for their quarterback, and he saw exactly what can happen when it all works out.

LeBeau also knows what a devastating pass rusher can do in the same situation. And we're willing to bet that plenty of people will listen to him when he speaks.

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