Could Geno Smith suffer weight loss after broken jaw?

When a player sustains an injury, often times the long-term concern shifts away from the actual area where the issue occurred to other parts of the body that may be impacted.

With a hamstring issue, it could be calves, hips or any part of the body over-compensating for the injured area.

But with Geno Smith, who sustained a broken jaw after getting punched by former teammate IK Enemkpali, could the trickle-down affect be his weight?

"Hopefully," head coach Todd Bowles said via, "he doesn't lose too much weight. You get stuff (plates and screws) in your jaw, I think it's going to be tough."

Bowles added: "I don't know exactly what he's eating. I'm assuming -- and I'm not a doctor, so don't quote me on this -- but you can drink protein shakes, or something from a straw."

Thinking about Smith's overall health after the 6-10 week recovery period lends some credence to the creeping rumors that he may be placed on short-term injured reserve, which would erase a huge chunk of the regular season.

Even if Smith loses 5-10 pounds during recovery, it will be 5-10 essential pounds he'll need to regain before putting himself through the rigors of an NFL football game.

Hopefully the Jets have some hefty shakes on hand.

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