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Coughlin: Nick Foles gives Jaguars 'best chance to win'

Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin didn't hide his enthusiasm Thursday when introducing new quarterback Nick Foles to the media.

Coughlin said the signing of Foles, who agreed to a four-year, $88 million deal, signaled a new era for Jacksonville, pointing out the signal-caller is a proven winner, the correct choice to lead the team and a person who can deal with adversity, citing Foles' ability to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl championship as a backup.

Foles' attributes fit perfectly with Coughlin's ultimate goal.

"While this is certainly Nick's day, make no mistake today this is a team-building day," Coughlin told reporters. "Adding Nick to our roster has made our team better. Everything we do going forward will be with the intent of improving our team and preparing for the 2019 season. With singleness of purpose and with the concept of team above self, our goal is to bring a Super Bowl championship here to Jacksonville."

Foles is charged to help turn around a franchise that experienced inconsistency over the past five seasons with quarterback Blake Bortles, whom the Jaguarsreleased Wednesday night.

The newest Jaguars quarterback expressed happiness to be in Jacksonville but knows from experience that developing a winning culture starts with building chemistry with teammates in the locker room.

"The big thing in any team sport, and especially football, is the locker room, just getting to know one another," Foles told reporters. "It's a cohesive unit. The teams I've been on -- obviously there's so much talent here, great coaches, great players -- it's just bonding in the locker room and getting to know one another and going out there and like I said, creating that brotherhood.

"I know it's already begun here, and I'm a new player so I have to get to know everyone, but that's really it. We want to complicate football with Xs and Os, and that is such an important part of the game. But the most important part is the locker room and that relationship thing. That's where my focus is and always will be."

Foles certainly brings instant credibility in his role as a team leader when considering he has a championship ring and was named the MVP of Super Bowl LII. He also holds a 26-18 record as a starter on his seven-year career, including 4-2 in the postseason.

And after watching the Jaguars go from a 10-6 record in 2017 to 5-11 in 2018, Coughlin is banking that the players will rally around Foles to achieve consistency and success as a team.

"What we truly believe is that this quarterback, this young man gives us the best chance to win," Coughlin said.

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