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Cortland Finnegan: Replacement refs 'just let you play'

One St. Louis Rams player recently referred to an NFL with replacement referees as "lawless country."

It's unclear if he meant that as a good thing or bad. At least we know where cornerback Cortland Finnegan stands on the issue.

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"They just let you play football," Finnegan said Wednesday, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "They let you play football out there, and that's one of those things you enjoy.

"I admire the old-school players. The (Jack) Tatums, you know, the "Mean" Joe Greenes. Those guys played football. ... It's been watered down since, with the commissioner and the rules."

If you're familiar with the stylings of Mr. Finnegan, this all checks out. He's built a lucrative and successful career combining physical ability with psychological warfare.

We were reminded of this on Sunday, when Finnegan essentially sealed a Rams victory by getting Washington Redskins receiver Josh Morgan to lose his cool. There was probably one cornerback in football that could've caused that reaction.

And now he's thrown his support behind the replacement refs. Congrats guys.

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