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Consistency meter: Brees, Hasselbeck headline quarterbacks

Fantasy football owners love it when their quarterback throws for 350 yards and four touchdowns. But the true test of a player's value exists not in one performance but in his level of consistent production.

With that in mind, we've examined which players were the most consistent last season, and whose final numbers were deceptive overall. The parameters of our examination revolves around the final numbers of the position's top players based on a 12-team league that utilized's standard scoring system. Since most fantasy leagues are over before the final regular-season week, we've use the numbers from the first 16 weeks. All the quarterbacks listed started at least 10 contests, but time missed due to injuries counts against his final percentage.

The foundation for consistent production was based on the average points of the sixth-rated (or middle quarterback of the top 12) on last season That quarterback is Drew Brees, who averaged 18 points per game. Quarterbacks that recorded 18 or more points in a week were rewarded for their efforts, but a week with 17 or fewer points was rated as less than consistent based on Brees' average.

Also remember that a consistent level is relative to the position's overall production, so 40-50 percent can be labeled as consistent in some cases.

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