Connect four: Top player matchups for Week 4

2. Eagles QB Michael Vick vs. Redskins QB Donovan McNabb

This has always been a very intense rivalry between two teams located about 125 miles apart. This will be the 150th meeting between these teams dating back to 1934, when the Redskins were located in Boston.

For some reason, despite all of his success, Donovan McNabb never fully won over the Eagles fans. Michael Vick, on the other hand, has become a fan favorite after just two wins. A lot of the credit for Vick's development should go to Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Morningwheg, who has spent countless hours tutoring him. Vick is surrounded by elite receivers and a quality tight end. McNabb's receivers in Washington are just average, though he does have two good tight ends.

McNabb used to make more plays with his feet when he entered the league, but now he is more of a passer. He has a good arm and throws very few interceptions. Only Tom Brady and Steve Young rank ahead of him all-time in touchdown-to-interception ratio. Even at age 33, he still possesses above average athletic ability.

Vick still has all the skills he had when he came into the NFL, but he has become a much more patient quarterback. He has six TDs to no interceptions so far this season. He has a very strong arm, with decent accuracy. He seems to be well prepared for what teams are doing against him this year, but this will be a major test.

Bonus matchup:Jim Haslett vs. Marty Morningwheg. These are two former head coaches who will do everything possible to disturb what others are trying to do. Expect a lot of halftime adjustments.

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