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Conflicting reports on Eagles' interest in retired WR Moss

It turns out that Randy Moss had a few employment options before deciding to retire. Or did he?

The Philadelphia Eagles made a contract offer to Moss shortly after he retired, and the New England Patriots were open to the wide receiver's return, the *Boston Herald* reported Wednesday, citing sources.

But the Philadelphia Inquirerreported later in the day, while also citing NFL sources, that the Eagles didn't make an offer to Moss, nor did they contact his agent.

Once Moss made up his mind, though, apparently that was it. He filed his retirement papers with the NFL immediately after his decision Tuesday. However, he could file un-retirement papers, a la the unsigned Tiki Barber.

Moss recently was in Boston and visited Patriots owner Robert Kraft to offer condolences following his wife's passing. The Herald reported the gesture helped smooth over some hard feelings to the point there was casual talk of a Moss return -- until the Patriots acquired Chad Ochocinco from the Cincinnati Bengals.

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