Complete 2009 draft order

The NFL announced the revised order of the 2009 NFL Draft on Wednesday, reflecting the results of the first three rounds of the 2008 NFL playoffs.

By virtue of their appearance in Super Bowl XLIII, the Arizona Cardinals moved from their previous slot at No. 21 into the 31st spot. The Super Bowl champion Steelers will choose 32nd.

Priority of playoff clubs within a tied segment is based on their advancement in the playoffs, but they do not drop out of their tied segment unless they participate in the Super Bowl.

The Tennessee Titans -- who finished 13-3 -- will choose 30th overall, ahead of only the two Super Bowl teams.

Draft-order ties are resolved by the cumulative record of each team's opponents. The team with the weaker opponents receives drafting priority.

Within a tied segment, non-playoff clubs are given priority over playoff clubs.

Clubs involved in two-club ties will alternate positions from round-to-round. In ties that involve three or more clubs, the club at the top of a tied segment in a given round will move to the bottom of the segment for the next round, while all other clubs in the segment move up one position. This rotation continues throughout the draft.

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