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Competition Committee to discuss helmet rule Wed.

The league's new helmet rule has generated its share of criticism and vitriol.

Weeks away from games that matter, the NFL plans to take a closer look at those newfangled guidelines.

A Competition Committee conference call has been scheduled for Wednesday, in which the helmet rule will be discussed, a source briefed on the plans told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

Discussions will include an update on what the league has learned through the first two weeks of the preseason. "No major changes to the rule are anticipated, but efforts to achieve clarity and consistency will continue," Rapoport noted, adding that "new videos or teaching materials" could be leveraged to help officials on the field.

The engine behind the new helmet rule -- "removing from the game the technique of lowering the head to initiate and make contact with the helmet on an opponent," per Rapoport -- is not about to go away.

NFL Network's Jim Trotter added this is a routine call and will be used to review data surrounding the rule (right and wrong calls).

Still, more consistent on-field calls would help. Confusion over the new helmet rule peaked over the weekend when Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye drew a yellow flag for lowering his shoulder and getting barreled over by a Minnesota ball-carrier. Per The Athletic, the call stood out enough to prompt Vikings coach Mike Zimmer to seek clarification from the league.

"It's going to cost some people some jobs," Zimmer said. "Playoffs, jobs, the whole bit, I guess.

"We haven't had any called on us so far. It's just hard to figure out. No one has ever said to me, 'Hey. Don't worry about it, we're going to call it less or we'll get it straightened out in the regular season. Or we're going to come up with a revised rule.' No one has ever said that."

Zimmer isn't the only NFL figurehead hoping something positive comes out of this Competition Committee meeting of the minds.

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