Commissioner Roger Goodell joins Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

By Bill Bradley, contributing editor

The "ice bucket challenge" quickly has become a trend throughout the sports world.

The challenge, which has evolved as a way to show support for those suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), involves taking a large bucket of ice water and dumping it over your head.

From New England Patriots wide receiver Julius Edelman to Boston Bruins' Gregory Campbell, the challenge has swept up athletes around the country. In the process, it has raised millions of dollars for ALS, according to USA Today.

The latest person to take the challenge is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He dunked himself with a barrel full of ice water and then -- as is the custom -- passed on the challenge to someone else. In this case, he called out Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Pro Football Hall of Fame lineman Michael Strahan.

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