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Colts WR Wayne on offseason: 'It's like a soap opera'

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne has been on the outside looking in during what has started out to be a dramatic offseason in Indianapolis.

Wayne has put distance between himself and the Peyton Manning-Jim Irsay melodrama by spending much of his time at his offseason home in Miami. Just like any other casual observer, Wayne has been getting most of his information through the media, and said he doesn't know what else is in store for the Colts these next few months.

"I have no clue, man," Wayne told The Indianapolis Star this week. "I'm leaning on you guys (the media). You're all saying it's a new regime and that's what it is.

"This is one time all of the players are outside of the loop, even 18 (quarterback Peyton Manning). Nobody has a clue."

The Star reported that the Colts' flurry of moves this past month -- the ouster of team executives Bill and Chris Polian, the firing of head coach Jim Caldwell and the subsequent hiring of Chuck Pagano -- have forced Wayne to spend more time than normal on his couch.

"It's like a soap opera," Wayne said. "You're wondering, 'OK, what's next?'

"You hear something, then you see it on the ticker, that the Colts are doing this or that. At one point we were thinking Jim Tressel was going to be the coach. All of a sudden it's Chuck Pagano."

Wayne is one of 19 plays on the Colts' roster set to hit unrestricted free agency in March, but he told the Star that he still thinks there's room for a few veterans on a rebuilding squad.

"Even if you're rebuilding, you still are going to need some of the old heads around," Wayne said. "There are going to be guys from the old team on the new team. Do I think I can play on this team? I do."

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