Colts starting Josh Freeman at QB against Titans

Josh Freeman, you're up next.

The Indianapolis Colts announced that they will be starting the former first-round pick in the season finale Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

ESPN first reported the development.

Freeman signed with the Colts earlier this week. The team also signed Ryan Lindley the same day. Undrafted free agent rookie Stephen Morris was the third potential candidate for Sunday's game against the Titans.

If nothing else, good for Freeman. After two borderline Pro Bowl seasons in Tampa Bay, he sustained a free fall from grace that landed him in Minnesota, where he made his last professional start back on Oct. 21, 2013. That spot start, in a loss to the hapless Giants, dropped Freeman to 0-4 as a starter that season. He tossed 53 passes, completing only 20. He also threw a pick.

When two separate NFL camps -- the Giants and the Dolphins -- did not work out as planned, Freeman took the less popular route by playing in the Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL) this year with the Brooklyn Bolts. It hasn't been the most ideal choice for down-on-their-luck quarterbacks, but Freeman seemed to care that much about another shot in the NFL.

While there is no guarantee Sunday's start leads to more NFL games for Freeman, it at least gives him another chance to show something on tape. That seems to be all he wanted.

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