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Colts season preview: The league's best O?

Around The NFL's season preview goes to the AFC South.

Change we can believe in

Colts fans don't have a choice anymore: The immediate future and early prime of Andrew Luck's career will be entrusted by hyper-aggressive general manager Ryan Grigson, a prototype that terrifies the draft-and-develop faithful but one that has firmly placed the Colts back atop the AFC and in the conversation for the Super Bowl.

Believing in Grigson means overlooking certain missteps in free agency, ones that have yet to cost the franchise anything significant, and ones that might temporarily blind those wondering whether or not the team's offensive and defensive lines are good enough to carry them through the playoffs.

At the moment, this concept of belief is simple. The Colts should have the No. 1 offense in all of football and nothing less will be acceptable.

Biggest concern

Why are we all in love with the Colts? Acquisitions like Andre Johnson and Frank Gore inject the Madden player in us all with a pure shot of adrenaline. But then we wonder about health, managing repetitions and a functional fit inside an offense that already seems to have a lot of weapons in play. If Gore and Johnson turn in vintage performances, though, this team will have a season for the record books.

Training camp surprise

The Colts are sticking with Khaled Holmes at center after last year's terrifying carousel in front of Luck. It seems like a position that should have been filled -- and solidified -- right after Luck walked in the door.

What we'll be saying in February

Super Bowl champions or major disappointment. There really is no middle ground for this team.

Predicted finish: First place in the AFC South, No. 2 in the AFC and No. 4 overall in Around The NFL's Power Poll.

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