Colts GM Ryan Grigson: 'It's not a time for panic' in Indy

Less than a week after Colts general manager Ryan Grigson told a radio station that Andrew Luck's contract prevented the team from investing in its defense, the executive had a simpler message for fans heading into Sunday's matchup against the Houston Texans: R-E-L-A-X.

"Coach (Chuck Pagano) and I believe in this team," Grigson said on The Jim Rome Show this week, via The Indianapolis Star. "It's not a time for panic. The season's young. You can't let that stuff start creeping in your psyche because you'll be dead before you even get started.

He added of his relationship with Pagano: "We're 100 percent (on the same page). This whole thing is about meeting in the middle. I don't think a lot of people understand either job in its totality. We often tend to wear emotion on our sleeves and we know how to eat crow. We're both good like that."

The Colts have a chance to get their first road victory of the season in prime time against the Texans on Sunday and catapult themselves into a tie for first place in the AFC South. While no fan of the team will necessarily stop complaining about the state of the defense with a win, having the team tied for first place will certainly calm the waters in Indianapolis for the first time this season.

Grigson's team is trying to weather a particularly brutal stretch of the schedule, which involved no bye after the loss in London to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now it is two straight road games against the top two teams in their division -- the Texans and Tennessee Titans. Most teams would sign up for matchups against the Jaguars, Titans and Chicago Bears in four weeks like Indianapolis has gotten, but the slog of a long season compounded by a trip five hours ahead of their normal time zone probably has everyone in a bit of a slog right now.

In last week's win over the Bears, Luck posted his second-best quarterback rating of the season, just six points behind the season-opening 119.5. Another good sign? His 71.79 completion percentage against Chicago was his highest since 2014 in a win over the Jaguars. Back then, we didn't worry much about the Colts' defense or the general manager putting the team together. Grigson hopes Sunday can return Luck -- and himself -- to those times.

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