Colts' Dorsett: Win over Packers could 'change season'

A stunning win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday gave the Colts a new outlook on life heading into the home stretch of their 2016 season.

"We're a strong-minded team, but we needed this, point blank, period," Colts receiver Phillip Dorsett told the Indy Star. "Winning a game going into a bye week can do a lot for your confidence. It could definitely change the season."

While the Packers aren't the team they were a year ago, this was clearly pegged as a loss on Indianapolis' schedule for almost anyone who watched the team pinball between a loss to Jacksonville in London to a win over the Titans and a resounding loss to the Chiefs to end October.

"I probably wouldn't have said that before the game, but we did. We needed it," quarterback Andrew Luck said after the game. "We needed it for ourselves, I think. We know we can be a good team. There's things we have to clean up, and we've gotta stack these (wins) together. But we needed this in a bad way."

If nothing else, it propels Indianapolis into a game against the plucky Titans two weeks from now, which could plant them firmly in second place. A much-needed bye week separates them from a portion of the schedule that may allow Indianapolis to gain more ground -- especially in a division that has no interest in separating.

While this team is far from perfect, Sunday's win gave them some positives to chew on over the break. The defense held Aaron Rodgers under 300 passing yards, and while he managed to hurl three touchdowns, the game did not feel particularly easy for him. This would have been a hurdle that seemed impossible to clear for Indy's lackluster secondary just a week ago.

Of course, a win like this is useless if head coach Chuck Pagano can't find a way to build on it. Perhaps this bye week won't be as relaxing as expected.

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