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Colts' D primed to avenge being 'out-toughed' by Pats

The Indianapolis Colts' defense was pummeled, beaten, battered, bashed, whipped, walloped and crushed the last time they met the New England Patriots on the gridiron.

"Absolutely just demoralizing," safety Mike Adams said, per The Indianapolis Star. "It was one of those feelings where you know they just out-toughed us. They played hard; they beat us. They beat us pretty good."

Images of Jonas Gray blowing back defenders for 201 yards on 37 carries and four touchdown in the 42-20 smack down remains ripe in the minds of the Colts.

The demolition is especially personal for Colts safety Sergio Brown, who is still answering questions about being ousted from the "club" by Rob Gronkowski.

The Patriots tight end is the lynchpin of the offense and epitomizes the physical battle the Colts are up against. Brown believes the Colts have to be ready to take their shot against Gronk and the big, bad Patriots.

"I guess it's the David vs. Goliath approach," he said. "Whatever (size) he is, the heart's the same. The smaller guy's heart might be bigger, so when you get out on the field you always have to check somebody's temperature, I like to say, to see what he can and can't do. If you're overpowering them and smell blood you've got to keep going.

"Regardless of who it is, big, small, everybody blinks, everybody flinches and you can't miss this opportunity."

The Colts can take some solace that they aren't the same defense that got out-toughed weeks ago. Defensive tackle Arthur Jones is back and playing well; safety LaRon Landry can add physicality; and rookie Jonathan Newsome has become a force.

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