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Colts already started game planning for Tyrod Taylor

Prior to naming Tyrod Taylor the Buffalo Bills' quarterback this week, Rex Ryan wanted to keep the decision in-house.

The coach's reasoning was to keep their Week 1 opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, guessing and force them to spend time preparing for multiple signal-callers.

Ryan eventually succumbed to the fact that preventing the decision from getting out was impossible. However, his reasoning behind the desire for secrecy wasn't unfounded.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano said his team has already started preparing for Taylor's dual-threat ability with more than a week to go before the opener.

"Better get a package in to have somebody fast enough so when he takes off," said Pagano, who spent one year in Baltimore with Taylor, via

Ryan has always been enamored with running quarterbacks because he knows the extra preparation and concern it takes as a defensive coordinator when the quarterback's ability to run must be taken into account.

The Colts don't have a ton of game tape of Taylor to study, but the extra time to prep should be helpful for a defense with plenty of holes entering the 2015 season.

"It doesn't mean that they couldn't throw another guy in there at some point during the course of that game, but you can kind of hone in on what you want to do, especially from a pass-rush standpoint, if you have a pure pocket passer that is not mobile, can't run around, you're probably going to go after him a certain way," Pagano said. "If you've got a guy that's as athletic and mobile as Tyrod is, then you have to plan accordingly."

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