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Collins awaits league ruling on mouthpiece-toss incident

The NFL is continuing to review the potential for a fine or means of discipline for Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins for an incident following last week's Packers-Bears game, according to league sources.

Collins apologized to his team and the fans on Wednesday for drawing negative attention to the Packers after he confronted a fan and threw his mouthpiece into the stands at Soldier Field following the Packers' 20-17 loss on Monday night. Collins alleges that he was taunted and spit on by fans.

Decisions on fines generally come by Friday, but, according to an NFL spokesman: "We are continuing to review all the facts" in this instance.

"This is a situation that I could have walked away from but, you know, heat of the moment," Collins said on Wednesday. "Things happen. Both sides (were) out of line."

Collins' teammates are firmly in his corner, saying fans cross the line when their taunts turn personal.

"The fans are taking it too far," Packers wide receiver Donald Driver said earlier this week. "This is a game where we go out here and we try to have fun playing it. I think the fans are taking it too far when they start talking about you, your family. They don't know your family."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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