Colin Kaepernick would be excited to join Ravens

An unfortunate side effect of Colin Kaepernick's silence during free agency has been speculation regarding his desire to sign as a backup and confusion about his possible asking price.

Citing sources familiar with Kaepernick's thinking, NFL Network's Michael Silver reported Saturday that Kaepernick would be happy to suit up with the Ravens -- even on a short-term basis  -- and the quarterback hasn't discussed money with any teams since leaving the 49ers.

On Thursday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh mentioned Kaepernick as a possible option for the team as quarterback Joe Flacco deals with a back injury. The next day, the Ravens signed arena league quarterback David Olson.

Harbugh hinted Friday that Olson was signed because Flacco was merely day to day and could be back soon.

"There's been talk out there that he wants a lot of money. I am told that he has had zero discussions about money with any team since his opt-out from the 49ers. So that is not true," Silver said on *Inside Training Camp Live. * "There is speculation that he may not want to play for the Ravens. That is also not true. Colin Kaepernick absolutely would love to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. He feels like he has a great relationship with John Harbaugh, of course whose brother, Jim, was his coach in San Francisco. Greg Roman, his offensive coordinator in San Francisco, is the offensive coach with the Ravens."

Silver said that Kaepernick also would not mind signing with the Ravens, even if it ultimately was a short stint.

"Yes, he would, because Colin Kaepernick wants to play football," Silver said. "He likes Joe Flacco. He thinks he can support him as a teammate and obviously give them an insurance policy if something were to happen with Joe Flacco as with any quarterback. So Colin Kaepernick is into it. He and John Harbaugh have had many, many conversations over these last few months, long conversations, and they talked about a lot of things. So all of that has been positive. So the question is would the Ravens make that move?

"I believe they are considering this, having signed a camp arm not withstanding which I don't think would preclude them. Certainly there are some people out there who have reacted negatively and let the Ravens know, but there's also a huge wave of people who have responded very positively to Colin Kaepernick's calls for social justice. He has the 17th-highest selling jersey still in the NFL, a 49ers jersey. I think it's a complicated situation for the Ravens, but they are still considering it. The issue is not Colin Kaepernick not sure what he wants to do. He would be super happy, I am told, to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. We'll see what happens."

Kaepernick went 1-10 as a starter last year in San Francisco, completing 59.2 percent of his passes for 2,241 yards and 16 touchdowns. He rushed for another 468 yards and two touchdowns. Harbaugh's discussions with Kaepernick have been the most positive sign that the quarterback might actually find a team this year since his visit with the Seahawks earlier this offseason.

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