Coincidence? Kaep jerseys no longer on clearance

The 49ers appear to anticipate the hiring of Chip Kelly will be good for business in the Colin Kaepernick merch sector.

The team store quietly slashed prices on Kaepernick jerseys and related goods after the quarterback was benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert last November. On Thursday, the Niners hired Kelly, an offensive-minded coach who has thrived with mobile quarterbacks (like Kaepernick) in the past.

You see where this is going ...

And no, we choose not to believe this is a coincidence. The 49ers -- or the individual with final say on team store pricing -- is absolutely positive Kaepernick will return to the path to superstardom and Chip Kelly will be the man to lead him there.

Never too early to get Chip Blenders in the team store, either. I'm sure the Eagles will sell their inventory at a bulk rate.

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