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Cody Kessler channels his inner Dan Orlovsky in debut

Not too many NFL players get to say they scored on the first two plays of their career. Unfortunately for Browns rookie quarterback Cody Kessler, not all of the points he accumulated benefited the team that drafted him.

Cody's mom Christie, who was celebrating her birthday Friday, couldn't have asked for a better gift, as her son's first play was a 10-yard touchdown pass to fellow rookie Rashard Higgins. Unfortunately, Cody's second snap from scrimmage elicited flashbacks of one of the worst displays of awareness in NFL history.

The most distinct play of the Lions' 0-16 season in 2008 was quarterback Dan Orlovskyinfamously forgetting where he was on the field while being chased by Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, and subsequently scampering out of the end zone for a safety.

Kessler went full Orlovsky, and you never want to go full Orlovsky. After the game, Kessler told The Plain-Dealer he thought the white line behind the end zone demarcation actually was the back of the end zone.

To make matters worse, Kessler wasn't finished doing the safety dance in his debut. With the Browns down four and a little more than two minutes remaining, the third-round pick was sacked in the end zone to give the Packers another gift-wrapped deuce along with the eventual win.

Kessler's up-and-down start was essentially a microcosm of his USC career, one filled with exciting highs and head-scratching lows. You have to give it to him, though, at least his debut was extremely memorable.

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