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Cliff Avril: Everybody wants to play for Seahawks

Seattle has been at the forefront of the NFL's business season, with the Seahawks futures of quarterback Russell Wilson, pass rushers Michael Bennett and Bruce Irvinquestionedat one timeor another over the past couple of months.

Defensive end Cliff Avril assured SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday that contract issues won't be a problem once the season switches from business to football in September.

"In our league, the team's the only one's that's not liable for the rest of the contract really. When they want to get rid of you, they get rid of you. As a player, whenever you feel like you should be trying to cash in, why not go for it? But I don't think that affects anything chemistry-wise in our locker room or anything like that."

This isn't the first time we've heard a Seahawks veteran assert that Seattle is the dream destination for NFL players.

In an early 2014 column, NFL Media's Michael Silver outlined how Pete Carroll put Seattle on the map for free agents.

"Guys who come to this team are in awe," All-Pro safety Earl Thomas told Silver. "It's a fun organization, a light atmosphere, and we work hard. ... We have genuine respect for one another. It's a great place to be."

The contract squabbles of Wilson and Bennett don't undercut that notion. By the time Week 1 rolls around, they will be fully onboard for another run at the Super Bowl.

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