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Clay Matthews must improve vs. Newton's read-option

Clay Matthews has struggled this season.

Part of those struggles have been due to a groin injury sustained earlier this season. Another culprit is that teams have been able to take advantage of his over-aggressive style in the read option.

"I know (people) are looking for someone to blame," Matthews said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "That's kind of how the zone-read works, is kind of forcing them into one way or another and having those players react off it.

"It's not, 'One guy is to blame.' It's having responsibilities to it. It's hard to explain."

Three of the Packers' six opponents this season have utilized some form of the read option. Last week, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehillbusted out with a 40-yard run when Matthews came crashing down.

On Sunday, the Packers host Cam Newton, who is coming off a 17-carry, 107-yard and one-touchdown performance on the ground last week (not to mention 284 yards passing and two touchdown throws).

Keeping Newton contained will be key for the Packers -- and that duty will often fall on Matthews.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback has been much better in the pocket this season, and his accuracy has improved immensely. What he showed last week was that when his feet are working, too, he's one of the most dangerous players in the NFL.

With the Packers' history of getting gashed by running quarterbacks, Newton will have Green Bay fans' stomachs in a knot come Sunday.

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