Clay Matthews: I'll miss sacking Jay Cutler most

Fans of deadpan humor and mostly above average quarterback play in Chicago will not be the only ones who miss Jay Cutler as he pursues a career in broadcasting.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, who has more sacks against Cutler than any other quarterback in the NFL, will also miss No. 6.

"Listen, I always enjoyed playing against Jay," Matthews said Tuesday on The Rich Eisen Show. "Obviously he rubbed some fans the wrong way, people get on him about his nonchalant attitude but I always enjoyed playing against him. So, I'm glad I got a lot of sacks against him. I'll miss that the most. Hopefully the next in line in Chicago will be equally as willing to help me pad my stats."

The pass rusher-quarterback relationship has to be a strange one. For example, there really can't be much of an inverse -- the only pass rushers Cutler likely enjoyed playing against were the nonexistent ones who applied no pressure and are no longer in the league. Also, a majority of the sacks were likely not Cutler's fault -- a string of unsteady offensive line play in Chicago between 2009 and 2015 contributed to Matthews' most consistent prey.

While Andrew Luckand his post-tackle string of compliments likely earned him the title of most fun quarterback to sack, Cutler would probably still be a solid conversationalist. Now that Cutler's in the booth sharing stories about his playing days, perhaps we will learn a little more about those special moments.

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