Clausen sliding out of first round? Experts say it could happen gathered writers and broadcasters from around the country to play GM for the teams they cover on a daily basis.

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![]( needs: Quarterback, defensive end, wide receiver, offensive tackle, guard (For more: NFC team draft needs)

On the beat: D'Marco Farr, analyst, Rams radio network

Analysis: "GM Billy Devaney and coach Steve Spagnoulo understand that to build for the future, the first spot you need to fix is (this) position. (He's) the most qualified guy in the draft, a guy that fits that mold you can build behind."


![]( needs: Defensive tackle, running back, safety, left tackle, linebacker (For more: NFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Dan Miller, play-by-play announcer, Lions radio network

Analysis: "He brings an explosiveness that they've lacked, an ability to disrupt in the middle, he brings a consistency in the middle… he's going to energize this fan base."


![]( needs: Defensive tackle, defensive end, cornerback, safety, guard (For more: NFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Jim Flynn, editor in chief,

Analysis: "(He) isn't a great fit in just any defense, but he's a good fit in Raheem Morris' scheme ... The Bucs haven't had this position filled since Warren Sapp occupied it for so many years."


![]( needs: Left tackle, quarterback, safety, cornerback, center/guard, defensive tackle (For more: NFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Larry Weisman, editorial director,

Analysis: "It's not often that a team's needs and the appropriate player correspond, and in this case I think they dovetail perfectly… The hole at that position is huge and if they can fill it with this player, then they've solved a great many of their problems."


![]( needs: Offensive tackle, safety, defensive tackle, linebacker, guard/center (For more: AFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Al Wallace, anchor/reporter, WDAF-TV Kansas City

Analysis: "GM Scott Pioli puts a high priority on (this position) ... Chiefs have re-tooled the offense. They want to score more points. They want to be equal as far as running and throwing the ball and (this guy) gives them exactly that."


![]( needs: Left tackle, running back, defensive end, cornerback, safety (For more: NFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Steve Raible, play-by-play announcer, Seahawks radio network

Analysis: "Everyone that talked about him said he's a great leader, he's on the field all the time, never missed a game and he's the kind of player that the rest of the guys look up to. He is that kind of guy that can lead a defense."


![]( needs: Cornerback, quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker, safety, running back (For more: AFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Jim Donovan, play-by-play announcer, Browns radio network

Analysis: "I still think this is a power division in the run game, and any help they can get will be a plus defensively. I think he's ready-made to come in there and help the Browns right away."


![]( needs: Quarterback, left tackle, cornerback, linebacker, defensive tackle (For more: AFC team draft needs)

On the beat: Dennis O'Donnell, sports director, KPIX-TV San Francisco

Analysis: "He goes to the combine and his stock shoots up. The reason he could be a Raider is because Al Davis looks at the combine ... He works perfectly for Davis because he's a 'numbers guy.'"

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