Chuck Pagano knows he must win in 2017 to keep job

INDIANAPOLIS -- Chuck Pagano won the battle with Ryan Grigson. Now, he must win the war.

Pagano managed to keep his job this season while Grigson was canned by owner Jim Irsay. If the Colts continue to falter, as they have the past two years, Pagano knows he too will be shown the door.

"I think we all understand the expectations that come with this job," Pagano said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "I think you guys know how I feel, you know I have great perspective on this thing. Again, we're all on one-day contracts; that's how I look at it. So we're going to work hard, roll up our sleeves like we always do. Every season is different, every team is different, we've got a lot of work to do. So my focus is on that. You know, control the controllable ... There's things I can control and things I can't, so focus on what I can control and go to work on that."

Many Indy fans viewed Pagano as equal in blame as Grigson for the Colts' inability to capitalize on the worst division in the NFL. A defensive-minded coach with a terrible defense isn't going to get many more free passes.

By not sweeping out Pagano when he sent Grigson packing, Irsay sets up a potential reboot again next year for new GM Chris Ballard if the Colts stumble again.

Winning is the panacea that cures all NFL ills. Pagano understands he must win now or get ready to dust off his resume.

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